As a member of the TBM Council, you’ll be part of a community that is helping spread awareness – inside and outside of your organization – about the value TBM brings to organizations. It is rewarding to join the TBM Council, and there are two levels of membership to consider.

General Members

General members are TBM Champions who want to learn more about technology business management and advance the discipline. Qualifying members come from organizations with greater than $10 million in overall IT budget and include executive IT or finance leaders (CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs); managers or senior IT; and finance practitioners (VP/director/manager of IT, TBMA, TBM Office, and enterprise architect). All approved members will be accepted into the General Member Category. If you would like to upgrade your membership to a Principal level, please reach out to

Associate Members

TBM Council Associate membership is reserved for any technology or finance consultant or educator seeking to advance their knowledge of Technology Business Management. Associated members enjoy limited TBM Connect membership, early access to research and content, and access to the TBM Book, among other things. You may be assigned this level of membership if we believe it is better suited for you. Please reach out to with any questions.

Principal Members

Principal members are TBM Influencers who have a TBM story to share. Principal members are leaders within their organizations who agree to share their expertise with the greater TBM community. Principal members are invited to participate in Council events and programs, such as speaking at regional meetings; hosting and participating in webinars; and contributing blogs on TBM Connect. Principal members must meet the qualifying criteria for General members; be approved by TBM Council management; and sign the Principal Membership Agreement. If you currently have a General membership and would like to upgrade your membership to a Principal level, please reach out to

Observing Members

Observing members are members who are currently in job transition or are students looking to learn more about TBM. Observing members may attend any of our events and join communities, but may not be able to join certain workgroup programs. If you register for TBM Council membership with a personal email address, you will automatically be accepted as an observing member. By simply changing the email address on your profile, you will be upgraded to General membership.

Join the TBM Community

Membership conveys many benefits. The greatest is access to the exclusive community of IT and Finance leaders and CIOs who share their experience and knowledge on the growing TBM discipline. Members also receive early access to research and content generated by the Council, are qualified to attend the annual TBM Conference and regional TBM Summits, and more.

Sales, marketing, or business development executives are not eligible for TBM Council Membership.

Please include your work email address in order to be considered for TBM Council Membership.

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