An Industry Category Emerges from a Conversation

By Archive User posted 02-02-2015 20:12


It has been about a month since the TBM Council announced my appointment as CEO, and I am very excited to lead the Council as we move into our next phase of growth. I have been with the TBM Council since its early days, when I was one of a handful of CIOs sitting around a boardroom table sharing war stories and best practices in our IT work (see top left of this infographic).


As each of our IT departments grew in size and complexity, we realized every IT department, across every industry, needed to find a common language with our partners on the business side, a way to talk about the value of IT’s contribution to the enterprise. Providing a framework and best practices for making that sea change has helped TBM grow from a spirited conversation to an emerging category in the IT industry. This November we will hold our first TBM Conference in Seattle, with an amazing lineup of speakers who have successfully transformed their IT organizations with TBM.


I knew from the start our group had the potential to change the way IT departments were run. Now with more than 800 members, we have an even more ambitious charter—to lead our profession toward a standard set of metrics that communicate the business value of IT.


This year we will focus our efforts on three strategic initiatives:

  1. Develop a self-sustaining business model. The Council has accelerated its recruitment of new partners to underwrite its programs, and will announce the first in a series of new partners later this year. Apptio will continue its support in the role of technical advisor.
  2. Launch industry-specific workgroups. In a few weeks we’ll roll out the structure of vertical industry workgroups, which will provide more focused guidance and benchmarking indices for IT leaders in sectors including financial services, healthcare and energy.
  3. Create a new research committee. The Council is currently undertaking research initiatives with Dartmouth University and Forrester Research. The findings of these studies will form the basis of a thought-leadership platform for the Council, helping us become the authoritative voice on the alignment of IT performance with business objectives and macroeconomic trends. Formalizing a committee to guide future research will ensure that we stay ahead of the trends.


I look very forward to working closely with our Council members as we grow into an independent entity and pursue the highest ambitions of our profession. The TBM Conference will be a seminal moment for us, so if you haven’t registered already, please do.


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