Congratulating Five Winners of the First TBM Awards

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A big congratulations to the five winners of last night’s inaugural TBM Awards during the TBM Conference! Here’s a quick roundup of the winners:


eBay won the Operational Excellence award. The Operational Excellence award recognizes an organization that employs internal and external IT transparency to improve the cost-effectiveness of the services IT delivers to the wider organization. For eBay, the win came from finding a way to understand how many kilowatt hours are consumed…per each of their 4.3 trillion URL requests! Talk about aligning IT with the business! Check out this link to see eBay’s TBM initiative in action. It helps people make decisions with metrics that measure business value, an organizational structure that drives people toward the same goal and visibility of unit cost performance at a granular level. eBay is a phenomenal case study of TBM in action.



Goldman Sachs took home the Business Innovation award. Goldman aligns IT with business at a stunning scale. Running over 26,000 products day-to-day, Goldman’s shared services group is transforming the way the business works. The company has taken the concepts of business innovation and strategic direction to work into a transformed IT organization focused on cost performance and value delivery. Goldman Sachs was able to translate its Midas touch to TBM and IT value delivery. The return on equity performance monitoring requires IT cost visibility that informs pricing decisions and profitability analysis of products across the enterprise. This allows decision-makers to accurately price IT services and see benchmark comparison near real-time.



First American bagged the award for Business Transformation. The company’s TBM journey started during the economic downturn as a quest for IT cost transparency. First American’s TBM story is about the path toward a mature IT strategy focused on investment in IT to execute a transition from cost containment to customer focus for profitable market share growth. First American embraced TBM as a way to mature their IT strategies and further invest in IT while shifting focus from cost containment to customers and market growth. They were able to consolidate over 30 data centers across the country and remove more than 200 applications.



The Gates Foundation is building solutions to address some of the biggest problems in the world. The Foundation took home the Directors Award for adopting TBM as a core principal and creating a culture around TBM that helps The Foundation run IT like a business of its own. TBM allows The Foundation to increase capacity across core IT disciplines to serve the needs of the wider organization, resulted in improved policies, processes, systems and measurement practices. As a nonprofit, this concept brings together the components needed to help ensure every dollar invested in IT advances the Foundation’s mission.



AmerisourceBergen won the second Directors Award. AmerisourceBergen dedicated its large-company resources to move with small-company agility through a TBM program focused on innovative technology services. Over the past several years, the firm has transitioned from 100 percent corporate allocations, to 85 percent direct costing. And IT didn’t just use TBM to serve internal employees better. Responding to business unit market pressures, IT created a standalone organization focused on boosting revenue and profits through services designed to reduce customer switching costs. The TBM Council was impressed by AmerisourceBergen use of TBM for innovation, internal service improvement and customer cost savings.



Congratulations again to all of those nominated for exemplifying the best practices in TBM! We’re looking forward to sharing more TBM innovation stories. Stay tuned!

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