How 5 Companies Found Success with TBM

By Sarah v posted 08-10-2015 17:06


Best practices are a common topic on our blog. We’ve talked about them for areas like IT Cost Optimization, IT Planning, and Running a Service Desk Like a CEO, to name a few, but sometimes you just want to see how others are doing it, and learn from them.

So check out these quick videos from companies who totally nail Technology Business Management, tackling their toughest IT challenges with great success, and secured a TBM Award in 2014. (Stay tuned for 2015 TBM Award winners to be announced at the TBM Conference in October!)

This winner’s circle includes DIRECTV, Mylan, Nationwide Building Society, CME Group, and the State of Washington. Learn how they overcame common objections to get started, took the plunge and over time, tailored and refined the way they use TBM to work for their organizations.


The Digital Innovator Award: DIRECTV - YouTube

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