Congratulations to the 2017 TBM Council Award Winners!

By TBM Council posted 11-20-2017 13:24


The 5th annual TBM Council Awards ceremony this year in Las Vegas honored six outstanding companies and teams for their work with TBM. Over 1,300 IT leaders came together to celebrate 12 finalists, and hear their TBM stories (see the videos here). 


The twelve TBM Council Award finalists represented a wide range of TBM practitioners. Some finalists are at the beginning stages of building their TBM practice, but are already seeing impactful results. Others have a more mature TBM program, which is influencing decision-making at the highest levels of their organization.


They are all change agents at their companies, and shaping the future of their businesses with TBM. Members of the 2017 Selection Committee, including past TBM Council award winners and other industry leaders, took the stage to announce this year’s incredible group of finalists, and be the first to celebrate the six 2017 winners.


Congratulations to the following 2017 TBM Council Award winners:


  • IT Financial Leadership: American Express
  • IT Optimization: Exelon
  • IT Services Transformation: Cisco
  • Business Innovation: SunTrust Bank
  • Strategy and Planning Excellence: Caesars Entertainment
  • TBM Pacesetter: Micron Technology


Each finalist had a story to tell and lucky for us, we can continue to learn from this impressive group of finalists well beyond TBM Conference 2017. Learn more about this year’s winners and finalists by downloading their TBM Council case studies and watching their full TBM Council Awards videos.





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