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For May 27 Open Forum: Cost Modelling and Allocation Best Practices Video 

05-19-2021 20:28

In this video, @Todd Tucker presents cost modelling and allocation for business units best practices.

Please watch this video prior to our May 27 Standards Committee Open Forum, as this is a topic we will discuss then.

In this video, we cover a lot of material, including:

  • Why Allocate IT Costs to Your Business Units
  • Modern vs. Legacy Approaches
  • For What Are You Allocating Costs?
  • Costing vs. Billing vs. Chargeback
  • Considerations when Shaping Demand
  • Introduction to Rates Management
  • Types of Rates
  • Accountability for Rates vs. Volumes
  • How to Set Rates
  • Showback (Billing) and the Bill of IT
  • Cost Recovery and Variances
  • Demand Levers vs Cost Structure
  • Common Data Challenges
NOTE: If you attended our April Open Forum, we covered about a third of this deck. Please feel free to skip over the content we've already covered.

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