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    Posted 09-13-2022 14:41

    Questions: Do your organizations classify artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives as information technology costs and incorporate the costs within the TBM taxonomy (e.g., conducting AI research, preparing project plans, developing an AI application, etc.)? 

    Background: I am researching how to capture and report on AI costs within the TBM taxonomy. Your input would be extremely helpful with my information paper.

    Thank you,
    Glenda Somerville

    Glenda Somerville
    Senior Financial Analyst
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Washington, D.C. MD

  • 2.  RE: TBM - Artificial Intelligence

    Posted 09-14-2022 10:08
    Not yet, @Glenda Somerville, but I believe we'd be ready.
    The way we handle such costs is by mapping the corresponding service orders (our most granular cost element for labor/time reporting) to either projects or one or more applications. ​Thus, we can map such costs either to BUs directly (projects) or to one or more Business Services (applications).
    In mapping the service orders to applications, we also determine the Tower/Sub-Tower, but that plays a smaller role in our installation.

    Guillermo Cuadrado
    Senior Technical Manager
    Amadeus Data Processing GmbH
    +49 172 8696 790