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Department of Veterans Affairs is hiring TBM Analysts!!

  • 1.  Department of Veterans Affairs is hiring TBM Analysts!!

    Posted 06-21-2021 13:27

    VA Office of Information & Technology is looking for TBM Analysts to join our growing TBM Practice!


    The TBM Practice within VA OIT has built a TBM Cost Transparency Model that shows IT execution dollars at all four layers of the TBM Taxonomy. Now is an exciting time as we work to mature from a majority assumption-based model to a majority-consumption based model that will be used to provide transparency of cost and consumption to the business and to inform leadership decisions. In addition to improving the accuracy of our TBM Model, we are adding exciting new model reporting views that show burdened vs. unburdened cost and allow users to drill down into how IT spend supports VA's capabilities and VA's strategic goals.

    TBM Analysts will have the opportunity to support and provide input into long-term strategies to mature VA's TBM capability, including model design, model implementation, data maturation, stakeholder engagement, and overall agency integration. More details can be found below the job announcement link.

    I encourage you to apply if interested. Your referrals are also encouraged. Please share the link below with someone who might be a great match.

    *** This job announcement opens on Monday 6/21/2021 and closes on Friday 6/25/2021.

    Job Title: TBM Analyst

    USAJobs Announcement Link: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/604772600


    TBM Analysts will:

    • assess data availability across the VA enterprise, its data quality, and any potential TBM reporting gaps that may impact the end user's ability to turn TBM outputs into actionable insights
    • build a business case to develop new enterprise data sets when necessary data sets are not available and help shepherd data sets through successful implementation
    • gather functional and business requirements and rapidly translates that information into a working set of operational and financial models, dashboards, and management reports
    • oversee and manage work necessary to design, implement, maintain, and/or modify TBM data and reports to facilitate usage of the data to make decisions.
    • support the integration and alignment of current and future budget and accounting data sets and processes to TBM
    • analyze model data to identify information that provides consumable, defensible, and actionable information to the organization that will help inform decision making
    • utilize TBM data to develop long-range strategies and recommendations around how to best direct IT spending resources to meet organizational IT goals and objectives
    • engages and empowers data owners and stakeholders relevant to the TBM Model's outputs and maturation in order to further TBM's success at the VA
    • develops and executes a TBM Model integration and communication plan to ensure relevant offices and individuals are using TBM appropriately
    • develops and conducts training for users of the TBM Cost Transparency Model and provides support for customers as they become familiar with TBM concepts. Training should also focus on building stakeholder support for OIT's TBM implementation. Scope includes TBM 101, TBM implementation at the VA, and TBM Cost Transparency Model reporting guides, including how the TBM Cost Transparency Model is constructed, reporting walkthroughs and use cases for specific stakeholder groups. Training materials will distill the allocation methodologies, data mappings, and data processing logic into layman's terms


    We look forward to meeting you! 

    Allison Maiwurm

    Technology Business Management (TBM) Practice Lead

    Office of Information & Technology | IT Resource Management

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    Allison Maiwurm
    TBM Practice Lead
    United States Department of Veterans Affairs
    Washington DC