TBM Conference 2014

Building the TBM Office 

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Presented by Suzanne Chartol, Director Service & Performance


If you are in the early stages of your TBM journey – or could use some insight on how Fannie Mae has built their transformative TBM Office (in a time of tumult) – this session is for you. Suzanne Chartol TITLE will discuss how she and her team defined their TBM roadmap and how that definition impacted the team structure and responsibilities. Learn valuable lessons, from where your team should reside – finance or IT – to the essential skills and roles for each team member. Leave the session with new insights, including: How to communicate the value of the what your TBM team does; how to measure the team’s success (including rewards); the key relationships TBM members need to develop with others in the technology organization; and perhaps most importantly how the team should interface and work with executives outside the technology organization.

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