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Early Preview - TBM Taxonomy v2.1 - proposed changes 

10-03-2017 14:52

The Standards Committee meeting met multiple times over the past year and has considered input from TBM Community members and numerous companies.  Based on feedback and further review, the following proposed changes are recommended for the v2.1 update.  We are interested in any last input that you may have regarding these changes:


Cost Pools

  • Software > License:  changed the name from Subscription in 2.0 to License in 2.1.   Reason:  The term Subscription implies the inclusion of SaaS software which should be included in Outside Services > Cloud Service Providers;  License is more incluseive of the licensing of on premise software.


IT Towers

  • Platform  Created a new IT Tower called Platform.  This would include the four IT Sub-Towers:  Database, Middleware, Mainframe Database and Mainframe Middleware which had been included under the Application tower in v2.0.  Reason:  Database and Middleware had been part of Compute in v1 and Application in v2.  Neither of these fits well and had detractors.  For closer alignment to the new Services taxonomy, it was decided to move it to a separate Platform tower which closely aligns with the Platform Services type.
  • Enhanced definitions for Security & Compliance and End User to provide better clarity and guidance.
  • Under consideration:  High Performance Compute as a new sub-tower under Compute



  • Delivery Services - compared the TBM Taxonomy v2.0 to ITIL v3 and made the following changes:
    • Added Scheduling service to Delivery > Operations
    • Renamed Monitoring to Event Management in Delivery > Operations
    • Added representative service offerings to several services to show clear alignment
      • Service Portfolio mgmt, Service Catalog mgmt, Service Level mgmt, Availability mgmt under the Strategy & Planning > Technology Business Management service
      • Demand Mgmt under the Strategy & Planning > Business Solution Consulting service
      • IT Knowledge mgmt under the Support > Service Desk service
      • Risk mgmt under Security & Compliance > Governance, Risk & Compliance service
    • Renamed "Program & Project Management" to "Project & Product Management" and updated the definition to include a  continuous Agile delivery approach.
  • Platform Services 
    • Moved the “Machine Learning” service from the Data service category in v2.0 to the Applications service category in v2.1 and broadened the “Machine Learning” service to “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence” to encompass a broader scope of related service offerings.  Included Natural Language Processing as a service offering in Machine Learning.



Please let us know what your thoughts are on these changes by commenting below.

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03-14-2018 10:56

I have a couple of questions about how to apply the IT Tower categorizations.  I don't see it addressed in 2.0 or 2.1.  What would you do with:

  • Network Time appliances
  • KVM and Serial console applicances


Also.  I think there is a gap for cloud related services.  For example, provisioning and management cloud accounts.

01-17-2018 03:34

Really like the approach to ITIL in the Services section! Finally things come together. It will be a lot easier to define services relying on the ITIL framework! Thanks!

12-06-2017 10:42

I think the Cost Pool (License) and IT Towers (Platform) changes make sense, for 2.1 at least. I think 3.0 might need a big overhaul at the Tower level due to several trends: Software-defined Everything (Networking, Storage, Data Center), Composable Infrastructure (Converged/Hyper-Converged), micro-services (Serverless/Containers) and Cloud in general. I would almost rather see a separate Cloud tower.


Regarding Security, I propose the following changes to the Subtowers:


  • Eliminate Security (too general) and add 3 new subtowers:
    • Security Engineering
    • Security Operations
    • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Change Disaster Recovery to Resilience (would include Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity assets/labor)
  • Keep Compliance

12-04-2017 15:41

The Platform tower is a great addition, this will resolve a lot of discussion I've had with at least 2 customers. Would still like to see a Security Operations sub-tower.

10-05-2017 06:05

Thanks for clarifying the service offerings, they make a lot of sense.  I do think Robotic Process Automation does need to be included in AI.

10-04-2017 14:28


Thanks for your comments.  You are correct, I had a type and meant Machine Learning.  This has been corrected in my original post. 

Regarding AI, we are finalizing the definition and I believe Robotic Process Automation can be included.  What is your perspective about including it or not?  I also added the representative service offerings that were added based on a comparison to ITIL processes.

10-04-2017 12:12

Software - renaming 'subscription' to 'license' is the right thing to do.  This was one we discussed when version 2.0 came out as you could put SaaS into either 'subscription' or 'cloud'.  I did find myself asking if the same would apply to hardware/leases for IaaS, but I think there is a clear difference between leasing hardware and IaaS to keep these separate.


'Machine Language' - do you mean 'machine learning'?  This change also makes sense.  Can I ask, does this AI include Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?


Would be good to see the representative service offerings that have been added.


Overall, I think these are some positive improvements.

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