TBM Education and Certification

Certified TBM Executives (CTBMEs) 

02-26-2018 13:49

Since late 2016, the TBM Council has proudly delivered the TBM Executive Foundation course to thousands of technology and finance professionals in our community. By taking this two-day course, along with a passing an exam and verifying education and professional experience requirements, over 2,000 professionals have earned the designation Certified TBM Executive (CTBME) from the TBM Council as well. 


The following professionals (listed alpha by last name) have earned the CTBME designation, are in good standing with the TBM Council, and have authorized the TBM Council to list their name and company here. (For any corrections, additions or removals, please email us at info@tbmcouncil.org.) [Note that if someone is not listed here, it does not mean they are not certified or in good standing. To verify certification, please ask a professional to provide a copy of their certificate from the TBM Council.]


Certified TBM Executives:

— Aalap J. Jha, Juna Consulting Group
— Aaron Almaraz, CHRISTUS Health
— Aaron L Russell, Apptio
— Aaron Rosenberg, Grant Thornton
— Aaron Burk, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Aarti Sarin, Apptio
— Abhay C. Chitre, Trusted Mission Solutions
— Abraham Medoff, BRMi
— Adam Czekalski, Credit Suisse
— Adam Moretz, Apptio
— Adi Israel, Kaiser Permanente
— Adrian P. Cargill, BRMi Consulting
— Adrian Acevedo, SAS Institute Australia
— Agha H. Husain, US Agency for International Development
— Aisha Saaka, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Ajit S. Deshpande, Sumo Logic
— Akin S. Ayemobola, USAA
— Akissi C Lewis, Grant Thornton
— Al Smith, Anthem
— Alami el Maniti, Pon
— Alan W. Luedemann, AIG
— Alan J Weiner, US Department of Agriculture
— Louis Alan Stevens, University of Central Florida
— Alan R. Brunson, Independent
— Alban Howeld, Apptio
— Alejandro Maurosa, ITMC Solutions
— Alesa Shelton, GAMA-1 Technologies
— Alessandro Rossini, PwC
— Alex Khayo, LEIDIT
— Alexander C. Murray, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Alexander G. Guy, Deloitte
— Alexander Gibson Bandhu, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Alfred J McMurray, Jr., US Agency for International Development
— Ali J. Langston, LeapPoint
— Ali A. Flowers, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
— Alice V. Jones, Evoke Research and Consulting
— Alison Chapman, TNT Nederland BV (a FedEx Affiliate)
— Alison Waide, The George Washington University
— Alistair Mascarenhas, ITNewcom
— Allen Joseph Khayat, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Allen G. Austin, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Alley Alexander, Apptio
— Allison Schell Maiwurm, US Department of Veterans Affairs
— Alpha Roberts, Trusted Mission Solution
— Alyssa Marie Whitfield, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Alyssa Jean Stewart, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Amadeus Müller-Daubermann, thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH
— Amanda J Barnes, SAIC
— Amanda Burrows, Outokumpu
— Amanda M Hollins, Unisys
— Amanda E.K. Deschênes, Bank of Montreal
— Amber D Nicholas, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Amber B Hunter, US Department of Commerce - National Institute of Standards and Technology
— Amy Gao, Spatial Front
— Amy M Kudla, Mastercard
— Amy L. Buss, Arkansas Department of Information Systems
— Amy Killelea, Perspecta
— Amy Jo Bupp, USAA
— Amy R Gareis, Apptio
— Ana O'Harrow, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Ana Goulet, AIG
— Anayeli Lombera Solorsano, Dynanet
— Andre Harmon, FedEx
— Andrea M Newman, HPE
— Andrea Chroust, Allianz
— Andrea P. Cashman, Wells Fargo
— Andrea D. Adams, Evoke Consulting
— Andreas Martensson, Regeringskansliet
— Andreas Rossow, DHL Global Forwarding GmbH
— Andres Galvis, AmerisourceBergen
— Andrew B. DeMaio, SAIC
— Andrew John Steuterman, US Department of State
— Andrew C. Sallee, Deloitte
— Gary Andrew Porter, EY
— Andrew Logan, ECS
— Andrew T. Rassi, Caterpillar
— Andrew S Murray, Deloitte
— Andrew R Autry, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Andrew J. Mulvaney, Apptio
— Andrew A Pelletz, Noblis
— Andrew J. Lu, US Department of Energy - National Nuclear Security Administration
— Andrew G. Seymour, Alion Science and Technology
— Andrew N Wells, CDK Global
— Andrew Bartsos, SAS Institute
— Andrew Vanjani, State of Maryland
— Andrew P Spears, Torchmark
— L. Andrew Moore, State Farm
— Andrew Osowski, Advocate Aurora Health Care
— Andrew M. Dawdy, MetLife
— Aneka Gordon, US Department of State
— Angel A. Diaz, US Department of State
— Angel A. Rodriguez, Aflac
— Angela Marie Cobb, US Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation
— Angela R Tyerman, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
— Angella B. Wharton, Administrative Office of the US Courts
— ANIL KADAYAPRATH, Twenty Second Century Technologies
— Dr. Anita F. Gelburd, University of Pennsylvania
— Anita Kosedka, Credit Suisse
— Anitha Gayathri Mariappan, Fullerton Health
— Anja A. Allen, EY
— Ann Marie Chow, Apptio
— Annalee Meredith O'Dell, Deloitte
— Annemarie Patricia McCaslin, Grant Thornton
— Annette Valarie Box, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Dr. Annette Gibbs-Skervin, Grant Thornton
— Annick Brunson, Apptio
— Yuan-Jung Tsai, Progressive Insurance
— Anoop Grover, iMasons
— Anthony A. Barger, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Anthony W. Richardson, MirLogic Solutions Corporation
— Anthony J. Trask, Independent
— Anthony John Pember, Grant Thornton
— Anthony H. Bland, Apptio
— Anthony E. Rockette, Mastercard
— Anthony Gerard Burke, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services
— Anthony Louis Capozzoli, Deloitte
— Anthony E. Ronconi, Independent Purchasing Cooperative
— Anthony V. Owumi, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
— Anthony C. Cheung, US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General
— Anton Byelikov, Apptio
— Antonio Bradley, MetaPhase Consulting
— Antonio Marquis Mitchell, US Small Business Administration
— Anuj Nath, Apptio
— Aparna Misra, Aon Service Corporation
— Rajyalakshmi Aparna Kona, Great West Lifeco
— Aquanetter P. Fields, Grant Thornton
— Aravind Narayanan, AIG
— Arkady Kunysz, CN
— Arlene B. Trimble, Contra Costa County, CA
— Armando Quintananieves, US General Services Administration
— Arockia Joseph Cruzjesu, eGlobalTech
— Arshdeep S Jaiya, CoBank
— Arun Pasupathy, Riverbed Technologies
— Ashish Kapoor, Kapson Consulting
— Ashley C. Novallis, Maryville Technologies
— Ashley Elizabeth Laymon, Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Ashley Westbrook, DRT Strategies.com
— Ashwini Agrawal, US Agency for International Development
— Aurpon Bhattacharya, Grant Thornton
— Austin G. Henderson, US Department of Energy
— Austin H Adamcik, ExxonMobil
— Austin T Murray, Credit Suisse
— Austin W. Henderson Jr., US Department of Treasury
— Avia D. Griffin, Occidental Petroleum
— Ayanna K Rice, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
— Azeez Salami, Wipro
— Azim A. Ahmed, ACube Consulting
— Bailey McClanathan, Jabil
— Bala Kini, HERE Technologies
— Banulakshmi Hariganesan, Apptio
— Barbara A. Albin, US Department of State
— Barbara Rovescala, APPTIO
— Barbara A. O’Shea, Enterprise Holdings
— Barrington Elliott Green, Globe Life
— Barry Smart, Woodside Energy
— Barry C. Pannell, MBC
— Barry F. Ellington, Administrative Office of the US Courts
— Barry Westaway, NTT DATA Federal Services
— Beau Alexander, Cancer Research UK
— Beena Kurian, AIG
— Belinda Veneran, ANZ Banking Group Ltd
— Benjamin J. Rusckowski, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Benjamin J Haines, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services
— Benjamin A. Burkett, Hitachi Vantara
— Ben Marglin, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Benjamin Reece Stones, Unilever
— Ben Anthony Pettit, KPMG
— Benjamin C Mayberry, Federal Working Group
— Benjamin Lam, US Department of State
— Benjamin Wesley Thomas, PwC
— Benjamin James Nemceff, The MIL Corporation
— Benyam T. Adera, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Bernd M. Stroh, Apptio
— Bethany J. Granish, Leidos
— Bettina Dase, Centigo - Partner
— Bhakti Kantilal Modha, Deloitte
— Bharti Prajapati, Apptio
— Bhavya Vasan, Unilever
— William Kimak, Apptio
— Bill Kasenchar, University of Pennsylvania
— William J. Hough, TCG
— Bill Attar, Allstate
— William J Fenell, Progressive Insurance
— Ndeye Binta Diatta, Grant Thornton
— Blair T. Miller, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Blake James Davidson, Keyrus
— Robert D. Rook, Captiva
— Bob Wamness, LeanIX
— Bonnie Torres, CoBank
— Brad A. Greenfield, CSRA
— Bradley John Burks, AIG
— Bradley J Sparish, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN
— Bradley A. Coats, InfoSense
— Bradford B. Newton, WellStar Health System
— Braden A. Reeves, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Bradley M. Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton
— James Bradley, Mastercard
— Brandon M. Baldwin, US Department of the Interior
— Brandon Blaine Level, US Department of Defense
— Brandon A Ceasar, Grant Thornton
— Brandy J. Keeler, LMI
— Brenda J. Lawson, US Department of Agriculture
— Bret M. Orth, Cargill
— Brett H Rhodes, Apptio
— Brett A Yates, Apptio
— Brett D Young, Progressive Insurance
— Brett John Stenson, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
— Brian D. Aaron, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Brian D. Johnson, eGlobalTech
— Brian L Chez, Credit Suisse
— Brian A. Rivett, IT Management & Governance
— Brian Mannle, AARP
— Brian Alan Yu, US Department of Transportation - Federal Aviation Administration
— Brian H. Greenhalgh, LMI
— Brian Daniel Johnson, CHS
— Brian P Parsons, Aflac
— Brian T. MacKenzie, Apptio
— Brian William Pierce, Carlisle Companies
— Brian Decot, Deloitte
— Brian A. Bell, Church & Dwight Co.
— Brian Brillantes, CoBank
— Brion S Snyder, US Departmnt of Navy
— Brittney Rodriguez, Apptio
— Brock Muir, Apptio
— Bruce Edward Ragaglia, CFA Institute
— Bruno Briones, USAA
— Bryan M. Rogers, Aflac
— Bryant R. Parent, AIG
— Bryce K. Barich, EY
— Wilbert "Bud" Phelps Jr., Peridot Solutions
— Cai Qiu, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services
— Caitlin Ayn Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Caleb A. Koo, KPMG
— Calvin B. Stringer II, Grant Thornton
— Cameron J. Robertson, Woodside Energy
— Candace J. D’Amour, First American
— Cara Fitzgerald, Queensland Public Safety Business Agency
— Carl Stumpf, Nike
— Carla H. Short, Ferguson
— Carlolof Borgudd, Advince Group AB
— Carmen Gore, US Department of Homeland Security
— Carol A Christian, LMI
— Carol M Duff, Apptio
— Carol Stout, US Patent and Trademark Office
— Carolina Tirado, AIG
— Caroline Taylor Wilkes, Apptio
— Caroline C. Philley, ExxonMobil
— Caroline E. Michiels, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
— Carollyn S. Gehrke, John Deere
— Carolyn J Sanders, US National Endowment for the Arts
— Carrie Markels, Unisys
— Carsten Möller, IndiTango AG
— Casandra Irais Ontiveros Pantoja, ABB
— Casey John Skibo, Apptio
— Casey J. Calder, Mastercard
— Cassem Gerardo Velázquez Grunstein, Pemex
— Cataldo Capozza, Accenture
— Catarina Botelho de Oliveira, Ageas Portugal
— Catherine V. Saez, Asian Development Bank
— Cathy A. Poole, UPMC
— Catherine M. Nealon, Anthem
— Cathy L Beeskow, HERE Technologies
— Celia A. Barker, NetImpact Strategies
— Ceresh T. Perry, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Cesar Martin-del-Campo, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Chad Alan Jones, US Department of State
— Chakia T. Murphy, US Department of Justice
— Chalapathi R. Kotnana, ICF
— Chaminda B. Ratnayake, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
— Channa J. Threat, Buchanan & Edwards
— Charles T. B. Beatty, TCG
— Charles E. Wiggen, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Charles Verboogen, Deloitte
— Charlie Ernst, AIG
— Chelsea L. Shine, Athena Sciences Corporation
— Cherie M. Carver, Progressive Insurance
— Cheryl Fang, EY
— Cheryl L. Padgett, U.S. Department of Education
— Christopher M. Armour, FedEx
— Christopher Stephen Gallacher, Forrester Research
— Christopher J. Frothingham, Wheelhouse Group
— Chris Haworth, Credit Suisse
— Christopher W. Gain, US Department of Homeland Security - Federal Emergency Management Agency
— Christopher K. Moran, Mastercard
— Chris Clemens, Grant Thornton
— Chris Scott, PepsiCo
— Chris Rann, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Chris Galanek, CoBank
— Christina Bramble, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
— Christian Himmler, Boehringer-Ingelheim
— Christian K. Cosby, US Department of Energy
— Christian Svendsen, NNIT
— Christian S.J. Kim, Transport for NSW
— Christian Dederich, ProSiebenSat1
— Christianna G. Carter, Apptio
— Christina L McDowell, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Christina H. Witmer, SIE
— Christine L. Craig, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Christine M. McDougell, Maryville Consulting Group
— Christoffer R. Nyeland, NNIT
— Christophe Edward de Montille, US General Services Administration
— Christopher A. Davidson, Apptio
— Chris R. Stanley, Apptio
— Christopher H. Laird, AIG
— Christopher M Smith, Guidehouse
— Christopher Schaffrath, ELLIX
— Christopher M Greene, Eli Lilly
— Christopher L. Bowman, US Department of Defense - Defense Security Service
— Christopher R. Davies, US Department of the Treasury
— Christopher James Dailey, Accenture
— Christopher M. Farrell, FedEx Services
— Christopher J. Schwalm, ActioNet
— Christopher Brett Doherty, PwC
— Christopher Taplin, Apptio
— Christopher Borgschulte, Rku.it
— Christopher K. Ruch, Agile Rising
— Christy L. O'Neal, Dollar General
— Christy M. Herman, Progressive Insurance
— cin l smith, Intuit
— Cindy J Austell, US Department of Commerce - Census Bureau
— Cynthia A. Goller, Indiana University Health
— Cindy L Allen, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Clarafrancie Deneice Cromer Sowers, US Department of Treasury
— Clare Smit, Nationwide
— Clark E. Fancher, Amazon Web Services
— Claudia Mónica López Domínguez, Pemex
— Clifton S. Hadley, AIG
— Clifford Bird, Apptio
— Consuella Antoinette Butler, US Department of State
— Corey Cocker, Apptio
— Corinne Kathleen Bailey Price, ICF International
— Correy Thomas, US Department of Treasury
— Cortlandt C. Coghill IV, FEAC Institute
— Courtney G. Filer, Deloitte
— Craig Morrill, Apptio
— Craig M. Kerscher, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Christel V Compton, ActioNet
— Crystal D. Wessing, State of Missouri
— Curtis D. Harshman, SAIC
— Curtis L. Cutler, CAS
— Cynthia L. Iwan, Chevo Consulting
— Cynthia Montano, US Department of Commerce
— Cynthia Renee Moore, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
— Cynthia D Washington, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Cynthia A. Orluck, Lumentum
— Dacruz Norberto, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Daisy DeGeiso, George Washington University
— Dale Bryan Drake, Unisys
— Damon Vaughn Wolfson, CHS
— Dan J. McConnell, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Daniel P Martin, Guidehouse
— Daniel M. Starr, SAIC
— Daniel, Prolantics LLC
— Daniel E Barton, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Daniel A. Burton, Perspecta
— Danh D. Nguyen-Huynh, Northrop Grumman Corporation
— Dan Rice, Apptio
— Daniel S. Zolin, Farmers Insurance
— Daniel C. Davis, US Office of Personnel Management
— Daniel S. Winthrop, US Department of State
— Daniel Proctor, TCG
— Daniel Howard, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Daniel W. Schwarz, Credit Suisse
— Daniel Schmutz, Credit Suisse
— Daniel G. Nussdorf, Under Armour
— Daniel Brandao, LMI
— Daniel Adams, HCSC
— Daniel D Cimmerer, Aflac
— Daniel R Dray, Belcan
— Daniel Schönewolf, Inditango
— Danielle U. Smith, CoBank
— Danika Ayleen Brazil, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
— Darrel Carson, Apptio
— Darren J Rice, FIL Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd
— David Bosefski, AIG
— David R. Searles, Corning
— David S. Ahn, Walmart
— David Layton, US Department of Commerce - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
— David E. Gillespie, Booz Allen Hamilton
— David Paul Fuller, Divray Koves
— David R. Griffin, US General Services Administration
— David Rojo, First American
— David J. Harrity, US General Services Administration
— David J. Hauge, Oxford Government Consulting
— David Zimmer, AARP
— David M Fedak, Mastercard
— David H Hetzler, AIG
— David Grossman, Mastercard Worldwide
— David Keith Etherton, US Department of State
— David J. Ray, Booz Allen Hamilton
— David A. Gisy, SAIC
— David L. Allen, CDW
— David G. Page, Salient CRGT
— David R. Druther, The George Washington University
— David Jeffrey, Cepheid - part of the Danaher Group
— David Glass, Apptio
— David Anthony Battaglia, MetLife
— David J Levine, LeadingAgile
— David W. Curtis, US Department of Treasury
— Davit Avagyan, Freddie Mac
— Dawn R. Damico, Fannie Mae
— Dawn M. Parrish, US Department of State - Information Resource Management
— Dawn M. Golsarry, Matrix Medical Network
— Deanna M Johnson, Great West Life
— Deatrie M. Perry, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
— Debbie Ann Holmes, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Deborah A. Kennedy, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Deborah C. Schneider, US Department of State
— Debra L. Hagen, Apptio
— Debra S. Corder, GameStop
— Declan Rooney, Queensland Public Safety Business Agency
— Dedra Mitchell, Aflac
— DeeAnn Fones, Mastercard
— Deena M. El-Attar, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Deepan D. Patel, CSRA
— Deidre McDonagh, Credit Suisse
— Deidryn Duncan, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Delta Helmer Pelgrim, LMI
— Demarcus M. Lloyd, Apptio
— Demetria J. Hawkins, US Department of Defense
— Denis J. Cotter, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Denise K Kinsfather, Apptio
— Dennis C. Pellegrini, Mastercard
— Dennis Chon, United States Postal Service
— Deon A. McCurchin, US Library of Congress
— DeRamus C. Smart, Department Of Health And Human Services
— Derek Yamamoto, Apptio
— Derek J. Chong, Rodan & Fields
— Derek J Campbell, Grant Thornton
— Derrick R. Hensley, Aflac
— Devon K Bilsing, ExxonMobil
— Dhaval Mehta, Apptio
— Diana A Liou, Apptio
— Diana M. Riley, SAIC
— Alexandra Diana Rodriguez, CDM Smith
— Diane M Johnson, MetLife
— Diane N. Kitano, Apptio
— **** Frederik Johannes de Nijs, de Nijs Finance
— Dickerson P. Miles, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
— Didier M. Perdu, LMI
— Dimitrios Glinellis, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Dinesh R. Ranasinghe, CoBank
— Dione M Hedgpeth, Apptio
— Dirk von der Brake, ExxonMobil
— Dominic Calvert-Lee, Apptio
— Dominic Tellis, Maersk Line
— Don N Putnam, ExxonMobil
— Donald E. Bauer Jr., US Department of State
— Donald J. Klag, Jr., Booz Allen Hamilton
— DoSon Kong, Hitachi Vantara
— Andrew Douglas Copeland, Newport News Shipbuilding
— Douglas J. Mooney, Apptio
— Douglas F. Smith, AIG
— Douglas M. Arterburn, US Department of State
— Douglas M. Brown, Peridot Solutions
— Douglas M Poggi, Deloitte
— Andrew V Frick, C.R. Bard
— Duncan W. Cousins, Apptio
— Duncan P Melville, Vital Plan
— Dwight A George, Unisys
— Ed Benassai, AIG
— Edward M. Zammit, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Edie M. Quenby-Brown, Apptio
— Edlouie S. Ortega, US National Archives and Records Administration
— Edric Lamar Kirkman, US Agency for International Development
— Eduardo A. Villavicencio, Grant Thornton
— Edward Cilke, US Air Force
— Edward D. McNeil, US Department of Defense - Defense Information Systems Agency
— Edward B. Carter, Perspecta
— Edwin Daniel Aronne, Inter-American Development Bank
— Edwin Robert Shanfeld, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Ehtasham S. Malik, Criterion Systems
— Eileen K. Childs, SAIC
— Ekanem O. Fleming, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
— Elena Córdova Russ , Apptio
— Beth Redfearn, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Elizabeth Anne Fleming, Deloitte
— Ellen J. Shea, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
— Ellen A. Hynes, TSYS
— Elliott E. Smith, Lockheed Martin
— Elo Falck, Transport for New South Wales
— Emily T. Rittenhouse, AOL
— Emily L. Gibbons, Mastercard
— Emily M. Farthing, Apptio
— Emily Goh, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
— Emily C. Nuss, Deloitte
— Emily L. Bollinger, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
— Emma Stefania Svärd, ICA
— Emmanuel Acheampong, Apptio
— Eric G. Co, REI Systems
— Eric L. Mikkelsen, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Eric M VonDibert, US Department of Defense - Defense Security Service
— Eric H. Balzuweit, WarnerMedia
— Eric Antonides, Apptio
— Eric R Dombach, Progressive Insurance
— ERIC D MANSFIELD, County of Kern
— William Eric McDonnell, Oxford Government Consulting
— Eric V. Rood, Apptio
— Erica Turner, Aflac
— Erica de Lima, ExxonMobil
— Erica Whitehead Vosseller, US Department of Commerce - Census Bureau
— Erica J. Elleby, Mecklenburg County Government
— Erik Brown, ExxonMobil
— Erika A. Bakkar, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Erika D. Bunkley, US General Services Administration
— Erika Yazmin Quintana Torres, Pemex
— Erika M. Mathis, Dollar General
— Erin Florence Hewitt, US Social Security Administration
— Ernesto Zeuz Zamora Herrera, Pemex
— Errol E. Elbasan, AIG
— Etienne Ratte-Delorme, CN
— Ettore Bove, Apptio
— Gene Abood, Prudential
— Evan Penny, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
— Evan J. Swartley, Vanguard
— Eveline M. Oehrlich, Forrester Research
— F. Joe Khoury, Maven & Company Consulting
— Fabian Woldsen, Inditango
— Fabio Sartori, Apptio
— Fabio Perone, Accenture
— Fabiola Guerrero, ABB
— Fabrice Duluins, Ing Bank N.V.
— Fadwa Berouel, US Department of Agriculture
— Mei Fang Pang, Transport for New South Wales
— Farhin M. Kharawala, Mastercard Worldwide
— Farhiya Farah, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Fidel Sergio Hernandez Quimiro, Pemex
— Fiona Edat, AIG
— Zelma A. Anderson Jr., US Department of Agriculture
— Frances A. Legall, Deloitte
— Francesca F. Keating, SAIC
— Francis Chinkhandwe, QA Limited
— Frank Schmahlenberger, First American
— Frank Veldstra, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
— Frank Vogelezang, METRI
— Frankie J. Broadstreet, GM Financial
— Fred Baradari, Apptio
— Fredricka Hausser, eGlobalTech
— Fredrik Jonasson, JonaCom
— Gyapong Jimmy Amoako-Atta, US Department of the Treasury
— Gabrielle S. Walker, LMI
— Gail R. Fleming, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Gail A Kalbfleisch, US Department of Health and Human Services
— Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Caterpillar
— Ganesh Kumar Sankaran, Tata Consultancy Services
— Gary W. Delson, University of Pennsylvania
— Gary Robert Silko, Deloitte
— Gary L. Black, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Gary R Jackiewicz, Apptio
— Gavin L. Martin, Steampunk
— Landruff Eugene Trent, Apptio
— Eugene D. Sizemore, Independent
— Genesa L.Garcia, Apptio
— Geoffrey S. Grendel, Western Southern Life
— Geoffrey M. Gregory, Valiant Solutions
— Geoffrey G Uhlemann, AECOM
— George B. Dunnigan, US Department of the Treasury - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
— George K. Weber, AIG
— George T. Garrell, Deloitte
— George A. Castillo, Apptio
— Gerard A. Krawczyk, Pennsylvania State University
— Gerhard Seemann, Allianz
— Gianluca Burroni, Bruin Group
— Giha R Villazon, REI Systems
— Regina N.Damon, GEICO
— Ginger Allen, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
— Gladys Y. Rodriguez, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Glenn F. Acton, US Department of Justice
— Glenn Hoang Lan Nguyen, Transport for New South Wales
— Glenn R. Wright III, AECOM
— Gokul Ramamoorthy, LMI
— Gordana Moore, Blue Shield of California
— Grace Ng Bee Lay, Sony Electronics
— Grant Rexer, Apptio
— Grant Withington Meglis, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Grant A. Bryant, ExxonMobil
— Grant S. Cheung, SiloSmashers
— Gregory A. Mondello, ExxonMobil
— Greg Guye, Keyrus
— Gregory Paul Stroud, CoBank
— Gregory P. Donewar, Xcelerate Solutions
— Greg Gordon, Unisys
— Gregory A. Wiegand, US Agency for International Development
— Gregory Holmes, Apptio
— Greg A. Hoffman, State of North Dakota
— Gregg Palaian, Apptio
— Gregorio A.Woss y Gil, A-Tek
— Gregory Sharp Mantell, Vergys
— Gretchen M Johns, SAIC
— Guido van Lammeren, Pon
— Gulcin Menekse, Apptio
— Gurbir S Osahan, AIG
— Hanlynn Maung Maung, US Department of State
— Hari M Narendran, Bank of Montreal
— Harshid Shah, State of Maryland
— Hayden Walsh, Australia Tax Office
— Hayyal Ighneim, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
— Heather Marie Geisler, AIG
— Heather M DiLoreto, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Heiko F. W. Geppert, KHS
— Heleen M. Townsend, US Department of Health and Human Services
— Helena Urbanova, Royal Bank of Canada
— Hermane Louis, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Herve Meslin, Australia Department of Defence
— Hilary Stead, Torchmark
— Hima Dadireddy, USAA
— Himanshu Dabral, Ernst & Young
— Hina Hussain, Grant Thornton
— Holly Chernushin, FedEx
— Hope S. Morgan, AECOM
— Hossana H. Aberra, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Howard Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Hugh Langford, Perspecta
— Ian A. Morgan, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Heila A. Lessing, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services
— Imtiaz Merchant, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
— Inigo Ahedo, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Istvan Blasko, Cisco Systems
— Ivan Tan, Standard Chartered
— Ivey Freeman Butler, Apptio
— J Steinhebel, Apptio
— Jack Elizar, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
— Jack Terrago, Progressive Insurance
— Jaclyn M. Plock, Grainger
— Jacob B. Abrams, Deloitte
— Jacob C. Harrell, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Jacob D. Goodine, LMI
— Jacqueline R. Webb, FedEx
— Jacqueline R. Butler, US Department of Agriculture
— Jacqueline Allen, WarnerMedia
— Jacquelyn Childress, State of Wyoming Enterprise Technology Services
— Jacques Bedard, CN
— Jahanzeb Khawaja, Deloitte
— Jaime B. Kessler, KPMG
— Jakob Sebens, Pon
— Jamal R Knight, Booz Allen Hamilton
— James C. Gui, Booz Allen Hamilton
— James Connor Booth, MetaPhase Consulting
— James L. Delloso, US Department of State - Consular Affairs
— James R Mann III, AIG
— James A. Perkins, US Department of Navy - Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
— James P. McAndrews IV, Booz Allen Hamilton
— James B Frenzer, SAIC
— James M. Willis, Globe Life
— James Evans Jr., Aflac
— James L Freeman, Booz Allen Hamilton
— James A Nalepa, TD Ameritrade
— James R. Caldwell, Arkansas Department of Information Systems
— James R. Lipinski, Accenture
— James P. Reynolds, National Grid USA
— James N. Ikuuro, Synergy Group
— James M. Mutiso, USAA
— James G. Eckert, CoBank
— Jamie Croudace Levitt, First American
— Jamie Maffeo, Apptio
— Jan R. Larsen, PFA Pension
— Jane McCarry Daniel, Kaiser Permanente
— Janet M. Faust, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Janine M Malone, Australia Department of Human Services
— Janne Juhani Sonkamo, Sofigate
— Jared J Smith, Mastercard
— Jarno Jansen, Apptio
— Jarrett J. Messina, BRMi Consulting
— Jasmeen M. Bowmaster, US General Services Administration
— Jason N. Graham, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Jason S. Estrada, Deloitte
— Jason B. Schaufele, US Department of Commerce - Census Bureau
— Jason G Athanas, AIG
— Jason A. Flesch, Deloitte
— Jason W, Swallows, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Jason Edward Tucker, Globe Life
— Jason E. Layman, Accenture
— Jason A. Stuber, Riverbed Technology
— Jason W. Cole, Peridot Solutions LLC
— Jason M. Chervenak, Mastercard
— Jason Hitchcock, University of Auckland
— Jason Chan, KPMG
— Jason A. Myers, Cynerge
— Jassiel Martínez Valdovinos, Pemex
— Javier Bermudez, Ultramar
— Javier A. Gonzalez, Independent Purchasing Cooperative
— Jaweed T.H. Mohammed, Administrative Office of the US Courts
— Jay Albright, Apptio
— Jay Govindan, Deloitte
— Jay T. Desai, Grant Thornton
— Jayme Maitz, Prudential
— Jayne Quilligan, Grant Thornton
— Jayson B Garrett, Deloitte
— Jayson D. Jeffrey, Apptio
— Yuou Morgan, IHG
— Jean Chrsitophe Dewaele, US Department of Veterans Affairs
— Jeanette Brazil, CalPERS
— Jeanne M. Grzelak, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
— Jed B. Springer, Octo Consulting
— Jee H. Cho, Viacom
— Jeff Harrison, Deloitte
— Jeffrey S. Gerner, Advanced Management Strategies Group
— Jeff Curtis, ITNewcom
— Jeff Sage, Grant Thorton
— Jeffrey J. Waters, Unisys
— Jeffrey Jesus Estrada, USAA
— Jeffrey N Wooden, Eli Lilly
— Jeffrey A. Secor, US Department of Justice
— Jeffry P Fene, AIG
— Jeff Blomker, Maryville Technologies
— Jeffrey C. Nellessen, Guggenheim Partners
— Jeffrey C. Smith, Maritz
— Jeffrey Chung-Voon, Toll Group
— Jeffrey J. Bartelli, GSA
— Jeffrey T Cushing, IHG
— Jeffrey D Hallett, Cloudocracy
— Jeffrey D. Burm, AECOM
— Jenna Rosemary Hutt, Spreedly
— Jennifer Goodwin, Apptio
— Jennifer M. Hruza, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Jennifer L Czajkowski, CSRA
— Jennifer B. Osage, AIG
— Jennifer Lauren Hanna, US General Services Administration
— Jennifer J. DeLong, Progressive Insurance
— Jennifer A. Marquis, Progressive Insurance
— Jennifer Zhang, Santa Clara County
— Jennifer L. Mehrpour, SAIC
— Jennifer Schuster, UniSuper
— Jennifer Paik Chung, Chicago Trading Company
— Jennifer Dudman, Absa Group
— Jennifer May Fong Chung, Royal Bank of Canada
— Jenny D. Franklin, FedEx
— Jenny Zeppenfeldt, AIG
— Jenny A. Earnshaw, Unilever
— Jensen Boey, Singapore Exchange
— Jeremiah G. Burch, TCG
— Jeremiah A. Prempeh, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Jeremy B. Singer, ExxonMobil
— James Jeremy King, Torchmark
— Jeremy A. Muzyka, Great West Life
— Jeremy M. Kettering, Deloitte
— Jeremy B. Wilson, Advocate
— Gerard Jones, Eagle One Solutions
— Jesse R. Lee, Apptio
— Jessica Amie Kerns, Administrative Office of the US Courts
— Jessica E. Brave Thunder, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Jessica Figueroa, Guidehouse
— Jill C Butler, London Life
— James C. Doss, IT Management & Governance
— James J McNabb, Jr., LMI
— Jim Broughton, Its Value
— Jo Batchelor, University of Auckland
— Joanna Kapera, Telstra
— Jodi Hunter, Apptio
— Joe Zemel, McKesson
— Joseph Stoltz, Apptio
— Joseph Lee Suh, US Office of Management and Budget
— Joseph S. Hanna, Rodan & Fields
— Joe Ardizzone, First American
— Joseph W. Turbiville, NetImpact Strategies
— Joen Meier Olsen, Apptio
— Johan Göthberg, Staten SSC
— Johanes Lessiohadi, New York Life
— John McCalla, Aflac
— John Phillip Jarvis, Infosys Consulting
— John K. Beckett, Booz Allen Hamilton
— John F. Crabtree, Federal Reserve Bank of Virginia
— John M. Fairchild, Booz Allen Hamilton
— John M. Pfaffenberger, ExxonMobil
— John E. Quirinale, Rutgers University
— John A. Binks, US Department of Homeland Security
— John Joseph Purcell, Department of Transport & Main Roads
— John C. Evans, State of Maryland
— John Araujo, US Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration
— John P Jernovics Jr, Deloitte
— John W. Quinn, Mastercard
— John B. Meulman, Deloitte
— John Bloom, Globe Life
— John Strohecker, Grant Thornton
— John S. Boyce, US Army Corps of Engineers
— John Richard Cumming, Unilever
— John T. Edgar, Salient CRGT
— John D. Stack, IHG
— John W. Spence, US Department of Treasury
— John H. Potter, Guidehouse LLP
— John M Croke, Projects Assured
— John Pira, CoBank
— JOHN G. KELLER, US Department of Defense - Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency
— John R. Pierce, Apptio
— John Paul Farhat, ACTS
— Ynghui Zhou, Royal Bank of Canada
— John C. Fries, Noblis
— John W. Stebel, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
— Jonathan Andrew Sober, Finyx
— Jon R. Hughes, EY
— Jon B. Owens Jr., FHI
— Jonathan E. Strauss, Apptio
— Joanthan G. La Fratta, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Jonathan D Hoskote, US Department of State
— Jordan Thomas Ghannam, eGlobal Technologies
— Joris Huynh, Sofigate - Partner
— Jose Lorance, UOB TECH
— José Eduardo Granillo Ortega, Pemex
— Joseph Montgomery III, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Joseph Baxter, AIG
— Joseph A. Schoberl, Chubb
— Joseph C. Steady, American Government Services
— Joseph A Adamo, Acuity
— Joseph P Tannenbaum, Accenture
— Joseph M. Hays, USAA
— Joseph G. Vaughan, US Department of Defense - Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency
— Joshua J. Koziel, Newport News Shipbuilding
— Josh L. Rowe, ANZ Bank Ltd
— Joshua S. Greenberg, Apptio
— Joshua A. Schuttloffel, US Department of State
— Joshua C. Verville, Perspecta
— Joshua R. McInnis, Apptio
— Joy Hammock, Aflac
— Joyce A. Ross, US Department of Agriculture - National Finance Center
— Joyce Michelle Hunter, Vulcan Enterprises LLC
— Joyce L. Burdick, SAIC
— Joyce Philip, US Department of Veteran Affairs
— Juan M. Silva, Occidental Petroleum
— Juan Jose Jarillo, Blue Shield of California
— Juan J. Marquez, Pemex
— Sean Anthony Julian Raffel, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services
— Julie Ann Detter, US Department of State
— Julie Batty, Cancer Research UK
— Julie Kipers, US General Services Administration
— Julie M. Morey, Deloitte
— Julie M. Burch, US Department of Commerce - Census Bureau
— Julie A Scholle, Progressive Insurance
— Julie R. Castle, Toyota
— Julie A. Laughton, Interim CFO Pty Ltd
— Julien Al Jawich, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Julien V. LeGoc, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— June M. Roman, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Junius Hayes, IV, Spry Methods
— Justin R. Herring, Deloitte
— Justin T Nichols, Aflac
— Justin David Turner, Leidos
— Justin T. McAllister, West Virginia Office of Technology
— Justin Colombo, CN
— Justin M Strait, US Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration
— Kahu Tawhai, ANZ Banking Group
— Kai Moericke, US Library of Congress
— Kaija M. Quitslund, US General Services Administration
— Kaitlin A Smith, Apptio
— Kaja Thieme, ELLIX
— Kami Burnette, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
— Kanchana Perera, Temple University Helath system
— Kara E. Cochran, US Department of Agriculture - Farm Service Agency
— Karamjeet Kaur, Transport for New South Wales
— Karen S Derringer, US Department of State
— KC Charleston, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Karen J. Carrara, MassMutual
— Karen L. Holt, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
— Karen J. Ines, Trusted Mission Solutions
— Karen M. Poplewski, State of Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Karen E. Noland, US Department of Defense
— Karen D. Klepadlo, US Agency for International Development
— Karen F. Liu, Grant Thornton
— Karim A. Keshodkar, EY
— Karla Villarreal, CHRISTUS Health
— Karrie Pavelka, Torchmark
— Karunakar Kemisetti, AIG
— Kathryn E. Carlin, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Katharina Merten, Oetker
— Katherine E Collins, PricewaterhouseCoopers
— Katherine B. Yanosky, ExxonMobil
— Kathleen O'Siadhail, The George Washington University
— Kathleen Deschamps, CN
— Kathryn Lynn Ruffino, Northwestern Mutual
— Kathryn M. Palmer, US General Services Administration
— Kathy L. McDonald, CN
— Kathleen T. Riches, Department of Housing and Public Works QLD
— Katie J Ward, Unilever Group
— Katie Rebecca Martin-Riddle, Apptio
— Katie-Coral S. H. Sicora, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Katrina Charlotte Gavigan, Prudential
— Katherine L. Ray-McManus, EY
— KAUSHAL SHOURIE, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Kaushik Pan, CoBank
— Kaviarasi Chandrashekaran, Unilever
— Kayleen Godfrey, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
— Kaylyn B. Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
— Keila Wolfe, Rodan & Fields
— Keisha Charles, Novelis
— Keith C. Ott, US General Services Administration
— Keith J. Robertson, AIG
— Keith E. Tayloe, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Keith W. Weaver, Cisco Systems
— Keith Hedley, University of Auckland
— Keith R Coggin, Advocate
— Kelley Harris, State of Maryland
— Kelli N. Petrie, US Department of Agriculture
— Kelli J. Kasik, CoBank
— Kelli E. Kehoe, e-9 Corporation, LLC.
— Kelly Smith, Apptio
— Kelly L Cline, US Department of Education
— Kelly A. Allen, Newberry Group
— Kelly E. Atwood, Mastercard
— Kelly J Smothers, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Kelly Lynn Copp, Great West Life
— Kelly A. Naylor, Creative Systems and Consulting
— Kelly E. Crouse, Apptio
— Kelsey J. Furney, Apptio
— Kelvin Teo, Accenture
— Kelvin W Soekiatno, Progressive Insurance
— Ken J. Ballew, CalPERS
— Kenneth G. Zerkel, II, CenturyLink
— Kenneth E. Frosch, Jr., Leidos
— Kendra L. Coates, State of Maine - Office of Information Technology
— Kendra Elliott, Apptio
— Kenneth Bandy, Ascella Technologies
— Kenneth C. La Honta, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
— Kenneth L. Justice, Aflac
— Kenneth D Carter, Independent Purchasing Cooperative
— Kenneth F. Neal, USAA
— Kent D. Cys, Lindenhaus Advisors
— Kerry K Acheson, Bank of Montreal
— Ketan C. Khatri, iMasons
— KETAN PARMAR, Transport for New South Wales
— Kevin Brown, Freddie Mac
— Kevin M. Coyne, US Department of Commerce
— Kevin M. Moran, CoBank
— Kevin E. Higgins, Fidato Partners
— Kevin Greenwood, CFA Institute
— Kevin R. Stringer, Brinks
— Kevin J. Viessman, CHS
— Kevin Sylvester, Inditango
— Kevin A. Theis, USAA
— Keyur G. Patel, AIG
— Khalid Hakim, Brinks
— Kim Hsu, First American
— Kim M Gordon, ITNewcom
— Kimberly B. Estrada, Apptio
— Kimberly D. Baltimore, US Department of State
— Kimberly C. Davis, ASRC Federal
— Kimberly L Womble, US Department of Agriculture
— Kirrilee J Riini, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
— Kirsten Sachiye Day, US Department of State
— Kjetil T. Borsheim, Wintershall Norge AS
— Kohsheen Sapru, HERE Technologies
— Ramakrishna Yalavarthy, Rodan & Fields
— Kris John Nath, Apptio
— Kris Richardson, Apptio
— Kristen Nicole Blohm, Federal Reserve Bank
— Yuling Kristin Khor, AIG
— Kristin Mossing, Sopra Steria
— Kristine E. Klein, CHRISTUS Health
— Krzysztof Marcin Czajkowski, Credit Suisse
— Kunal Sanghani, Apptio
— Kurt J. Hartman, Apptio
— K. Mawuli Vodi, NetImpact Strategies
— Kyle P. Ginzl, MetaPhase Consulting
— Kyle R. Curtis, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Kym Russell, Progressive Insurance
— Laila Fivian, ABB
— Lance Warner, First American
— Lance W Oswald, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
— Laurence P. Gill, US Department of Transportation
— Larry Todd Wilson, COLSA Corporation
— Lars Svee, Skatteverket
— LaTosha Lyne Posey, LMI
— Latrisha Arbriel Howard, Aflac
— Laura M. Peterson, Enterprise Holdings
— Laura A. Butts, Slalom
— Laura Mills, US Department of Energy
— Laura Allen, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Laura Eliana Hatch, Chirality Capital Consulting
— Laureine B. Ghaleb, US Department of State
— Lauren Bateman, FedEx
— Lauren Troupe, US Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation
— Lauren M. Smith, E3/Sentinel
— Lawrence P. Leigh, Apptio
— Leanne M Haire, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
— Alisia E. West, Progressive Insurance
— Lee Ann Hawley, Red Hat
— Lekecia L. Clark, US Air Force
— Leonard J. Errera, Jr., Apptio
— Leo P. Trendowicz, Valiant Solutions
— Leslie K. Sincler, ExxonMobil
— Leslie E. Eubank, Catholic Health Initiatives
— Liesel Meinecke, Synergy
— Lillian P. Robison, AECOM
— Linda Lay-Lien, Mastercard
— Linda L. Blalock, Santa Clara County
— Lindbergh O. Matillano, Tableau Software
— Lindsey R. Schaefer, Kaimetrix
— Lionel MEYRONIN, Deloitte
— Mary Lisa Bowers, FedEx
— Lisa Kelly, Royal Bank of Scotland
— Lisa A St Germain, MassMutual
— Lisa A. Glufling, Peace Corps
— Lisa S Bowen, Aflac
— Lisa Marie Hammond, US Department of the Treasury - Bureau of the Fiscal Service
— Lisa L. Fritsch, Agile5 Technologies
— Elizabeth J. Fulmer, ManTech International
— Lisa D Makaruk, Canada Life
— Lisa Shaw, Hamilton Shaw Consulting
— Lisa Carol Jorden, SAIC
— Liuh Ping Lim, SGX
— Liz Mackay, Aberdeen Asset Management Plc
— Loïc Labesse, CGI
— Lori L. Dickson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Lori A Joyce, First American
— Lori A.Mudd, CMS
— Loveena Lizbath Chacko, Emirates NBD
— Lucy Jednak, RBC
— Lucas J. Lipan, Apptio
— Luke B. Massey, CoBank
— Lynette A Farrell, University of Auckland
— Lynn A. Hansen, Northwestern Mutual
— Lynne T. Hamilton-Jones, LMI
— Mac K. Avancena, Jr., Kern County
— Mads Ruben Rennemo, ELLIX
— Mahalakshmi Ramachandran, Apptio
— Mahesh Ramroop, Aflac
— Mahnoosh Henshaw, Transport for NSW
— Mai Phuong T. Nguyen, GSA
— Majella Josephine Somers, ANZ Banking Group
— Majella F Miniutti, Projects Assured
— Mallory E Sullivan, CoBank
— Mandy Moore, US Patent and Trademark Office
— Manikrao S. Patil, AIG
— Måns Fajerson, Advince Group AB
— Marc Stammer, Corning
— Marc Hesse, ELLIX
— Marc E. Anderson, ExxonMobil
— Marc A. Krueger, Deloitte
— Marc Cats, Rabobank
— Marcel Ulrich, Credit Suisse
— Marco Perico, Ubisoft
— Marcus L. Hill, SAIC
— Marcus Kihlgren, ICA Gruppen AB
— Margaret W.G. Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
— Maria S. Sims, US Department of Commerce - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
— Maria Paula Jauregui, Aflac
— Maria Shams-Ramsey, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Maria T. Korczak, Maersk
— Marie Mangin, FedEx
— Marie L. Mulloy, US Overseas Private Investment Corporation
— Marijn Bax, Nexperia
— Marilou Bago, WarnerMedia
— Marilyn K. Woodruff, GameStop
— Marin Butori, PwC - Partner
— Marisue Fasick, AbbVie
— Marita Emperado, Criterion Systems
— Mark Clagett, Apptio
— Mark Witczak, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Mark Joseph Bevilacqua, TCG
— Mark Downey, Apptio
— Mark T. Sparlin, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Mark K Johnson, Avanade
— Mark T. Ryall, Perspecta
— Mark A Beaumont, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Mark Shadbolt, Synergy Group
— Marcus Geoffrey Paterson, Projects Assured
— Mark E Mogensen, Medline
— Markku Penttinen, Neste
— Marsha Dawson, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Marsha A. Quebbeman, State of Michigan, Department of Management, Budget and Technology
— Marshall Guillory, Agile Rising
— Marta P. Beckwith, MassMutual
— Martha McGowan, USAA
— Martin Plessow, Apptio
— Martin Zavaleta, Belcan
— Martin Vasa Skånstrøm, NNIT Consulting
— Martin W. Haywood , FedEx
— Mary Spada, University of Pennsylvania
— Mary Blair, Mass Mutual
— Mary M. Mullan, Acuity
— Mary Renae Harris-Hill, US Department of Homeland Security - Federal Emergency Management Agency
— Mary Ann Myers, MITRE (not for profit)
— Mary Jo Peterson, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN
— Mary K. Trostmann-Tully, AIG
— Maryan Mikhael, First American
— Matheus Henrique Passos, US Department of Commerce - Census Bureau
— Mathew B. Beall, First American
— Matthew M Anderton, ExxonMobil
— Matthew A Romano, AIG
— Matthew T Raydo, Valiant Solutions
— Matt Jenkinson, Credit Suisse
— Matt G. Gingrich, London Life
— Matthew W. Russell, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Matthew C Herman, US Department of Treasury - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
— Matthew J. Aston, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Matthew S. Jacoby, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Matthew J. Lazaro, AIG
— Matthew Giglio, ABB
— Matthew H. Gildon, Torchmark
— Matthew Thomas Glienke, KPMG
— Matthew W Erickson, HCSC
— Matthew G. Wallace, USAA
— Matthew Curran, Grant Thornton
— Matthew H. Kilbane, Deptartment of Homeland Security
— Matthias Ohmsen, Inditango
— Matthias Szczodrowski, Cegal AS
— Maurice L. Calloway Sr., The Boeing Company
— Max Kattan, ActioNet
— Maxim Alexeev, US Department of Commerce - National Institute of Standards and Technology
— Mayank D Brahmbhatt, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
— Mazahir Ali Baig, US Department of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management
— Megan R. Spychalski, Chicago Trading Company
— Megan Sikora, US General Services Administration
— Megan R. Shipley, LeapPoint
— Meghan M. Drake, Apptio
— Meghan Kathleen Carlin, Leidos
— Melanie Silberman Yanock, Torchmark
— Melissa Arlene Barrington, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Melissa S. Leaman, Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Melissa A. Wagner, Mastercard
— C. Melonie Parker, US Department of State
— Melvin R. Baranyk, Great-West Life
— Dr. Melvin Kinnebrew Jr., Perspecta
— Meredith K. Brabender, Oxford Government Consulting
— Meredith Hiemstra, US Department of State
— Merrill Catherine Roth, PwC
— Micah M. Harkin, Harkin Performance Group
— Michael J. Slivkoff, First American
— Michael A. Lervold, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Michael Dillon Lints, Deloitte
— Michael J. Hardiman, US Department of State
— Michael G. Lieurance, Mastercard
— Michael J Stevens, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Jerry Michael Rentfro, Hillwood Development
— Michael James Howe, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Michael Mirbaha, Insperio
— Michael D Worrow, Standard Chartered
— Michael D. Youngblood, Boeing
— Michael J. Kruse, Globe Life
— Michael McIntire, LMI
— Michael G. Leahy, Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Michael A. Snyder, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Michael A. Darragh, Apptio
— Michael Cassidy, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
— Michael Miscio, GDIT
— Michael R. Spence, Defense Security Cooperation Agency
— Michael F. Pupjak Jr., Criterion Systems
— Michael James Ryan, Saient CRGT
— Michael D. DiLabio, Lockheed Martin Co
— Michael T. McGovern, Aflac
— Michael D. Stallings, US Department of Agriculture
— Michael A. Billingsley, United States Postal Service
— Michael T. Windlan, US Department of State
— Michael William Henry Roberts, Apptio
— Michael King, KPMG
— Michael P. Gutierrez, Technologent
— Michael R. Hager, Xcel Energy
— Michael Tusche, Rku.it
— Michael Kaczowka, Deloitte
— Michael H. Allen, LMI Government Consulting
— Michael N. Wodickh, ITM NNIT Consulting
— MICHAEL P. GILBERT, US Office of Personnel Management – National Background Investigations Bureau
— Michael A Wilson, USAA
— Michael K. Jones, Perspecta
— Michael J. Grasso, CDM Smith
— Michael Zimpfer, Stora Enso Oyj
— Michel Brassart, DXC Technology
— Michele C. Luberecki, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Michele L Tynes, Centene
— Michele A. Sousa, SiloSmashers
— Michelle Y. Sparrow-Walker, US Department of State
— Michelle McGuire, Blue Shield of California
— Michelle M. Schaefer, ExxonMobil
— Michelle R. Williams, US Department of Commerce
— Michelle Paquette Sawyer, MassMutual
— Michelle V Gaston, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
— Michelle L. Montoya, Grant Thornton
— Barr, Barr Solutions
— Michelle A. Coady, Mastercard
— Michelle Ingrid Brinson, Blue Shield of California
— Michelle A. Kyparisis, CRH Americas Materials
— Michelle Garrett, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Michiel Janson, Its Value
— Mihir T. Shah, EY
— Mikael Sandberg, Sonder
— Mike Dalessandro, Apptio
— Mike Krueger, First American
— Michael David Vespa, Grant Thornton
— Mike Bunje, Apptio
— Michael P. Jaco, Mastercard
— K. Mike Elder, Fusion Technology LLC
— Michael D. Chism, Caterpillar
— Michael A White, Progressive Insurance
— Michael H Ledbetter, COLSA
— Michael J. Duffy, Apptio
— Mike Vestal, CoBank
— Michael Darnell Lee, Apptio
— Miki Hughes, CHS
— Mikke Hviid, Deloitte
— Mills Ripley, BlueCat Networks
— Mina Han, REI Systems
— Mindy L. Shah, AIG
— Minh-Hai Tran-Lam, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Minsuk Kim, Accenture
— Miranda J. Johnson, MARTA
— Miroslav Mihalik, Maersk
— Mitch R. Null, Cisco Systems
— Mitchell Bostelman, Deloitte
— Mitchell L. Scott, US Department of Defense - Defense Intelligence Agency
— Mitesh R Patel, I.T. Ignite
— Moazum A Chaudhry, Transport for New South Wales
— Mohamed S. Karama, TAA Consulting
— Mohamed A. Elansary, Buchanan & Edwards
— Molly H. Johnson, US Library of Congress
— Mona M. Spencer, Dollar General
— Mona M. El-Banna, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Monica M Braun, Marshfield Clinic Health System
— Moussa Berete, Cox Enterprises
— Mukesh Shah, Grant Thornton
— Muniraja R, Unilever
— Myles A. Basso, ExxonMobil
— NADEEM AHMED, US General Services Administration
— Nadia Harte, LEIDIT
— Nadine G Kiefer, Aflac
— Mr. Nakia D. Young, The NMY Group
— Namrata Sinha, Unilever
— Nana Osei Agyemang, NISH Consulting
— Nancy A Wesley, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN
— Nancy F. Bugajski, Options Clearing Corporation
— Naomi R. Bowers, US Department of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management
— Naomi Howard Pozzi, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Napatorn S. Schulz, Mastercard
— Natalia Guley, Ferguson
— Natalie S. Krisko, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
— Natalie Jane Kotic, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Natasha J. Day, AIG
— Nathalie B Stevens, US Department of State
— Nathan A Reese, Apptio
— Nathan C. Tewanger, US Department of the Treasury - Bureau of the Fiscal Service
— Nathaniel P. Zee, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Neal S Goldstein, AIG
— Neeraj Gupta, US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
— Neha Sharma, Unilever
— Niall D McFarlane, Unilever
— Nicholas Strapko, Prolantics
— Nicholas James Harvey, Deloitte
— Nicholas Sean Moran, Deloitte
— Nick V. Ohadi, Deloitte
— Nicholas J. Agrusti, Leidos
— Nickalaus Years, Koda
— Nicolas Ojeda, REI Systems
— Nicole M. Nahor, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Nicole L. Broadus, US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General
— Nicole M. Willis, US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General
— Nicolle Andrea Bruno, Acuity
— Nigel Mullis, AIG
— Nikki Pletzer, State of Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Niklas Degerman, Länsförsäkringar AB
— Nils Bergel, Advince Group AB
— Nils Kandelin, LMI
— Noha Simsaa-Omara, Evoke Consulting
— Norman Smith, United States Postal Service
— Ayse Nurten van den Tillaart, US Agency for International Development
— Olatoyosi Olude-Afolabi, Ph.D., US Department of Commerce
— Olaolu Ladipo, HHS
— Olaseni Surajudeen Alabede, Mastercard
— Ole Kristian Gravrok, Statnett SF
— Olegario Miramontes Arteaga, Pemex
— Oleh I. Voloshyn, Deloitte
— Olga P. Leskova-Benitez, US Department of State
— Olivier Deville-Larderat, Deloitte
— Olivier Espiau, CN
— Olufunke T Fasuru, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Olufunke O. Adeleke, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Osborn Gomes, Spatial Front
— OZZY ORWICK, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Padam Jain, Eurofins
— Padma Mittal, Unilever
— Pamela M. Marshall, Transport for New South Wales
— Pamela E. Drew, Wells Fargo
— PANKAJ KUMAR, Transport for NSW
— Pankaj Jain, Saxo Group India Pvt Ltd
— Paolo Coppa, Apptio
— Paolo Baudino, Apptio
— Patricia J DeWitt, AIG
— Patricia A. Wilde, AIG
— Patricia L. Kristobek, US Agency for International Development
— Patricio Jose Salgado, Grant Thornton
— Patrick J. McCauley, University of Pennsylvania
— Patrick Edwin Phillips, US Department of the Treasury
— Patrick Kelly Carmona, Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans
— Patrick James Finkler, Rego Consulting
— Patrick J. Hendrickson, M Powered Strategies
— Patrick Walsh, Grant Thornton
— Patrick E. Sloop, Meijer
— Patrick Rougeau, Trustwave
— Paul S. Mayhew, US Department of Health and Human Services
— Paul Joseph Matthews, UPMC
— Paul A. Reinhardt, The Advisory Board Company
— Paul A Stephen, New Zealand Ministry of Education
— Paul Fulcher, LMI
— Paul M Hives, Perspecta
— Paul J Kremer, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Paul Vessels, Ernst & Young
— Paul Francis, Department of Education NSW
— Paul L. Engerman, CoBank
— Paula Medders, HP Enterprise
— Paula S Rice, Apptio
— Paurush Saxena, Incentive Technology Group
— Paw Nielsen, NNIT
— Peggy Joyner, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Per Hansen, DSV
— Perttu Johannes Hartikainen, Metsagroup
— Pete Wilson, Apptio
— Peter T. Kelly, Apptio
— Peter A. Massey, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Peter John Rhoades, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN
— Peter T. DiMichele, US Department of State
— Peter Nordman, Metso
— Peter B. Brauer, Aflac Insurance
— Peter Fish, Apptio
— Peter van Loon, Its Value
— Peter Cullen, SAS
— Peter Jackson, ANZ Bank
— Pey Ching Teo, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
— Phaderika N. Evans, Apptio
— Philip V Gormley, TBM Council
— Philip W. Pannell, ExxonMobil
— Philip DeYoung, GameStop
— Philip Monroe Poole, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
— Philip Mento, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Philip M Dean, Unilever
— Philip Jordan, Wells Fargo
— Philipp Baumeister, ELLIX
— Philippe M. Bouvier, US Department of Commerce - Census Bureau
— Phillip Marcos Meadows, Deloitte
— Phillip Charles Terrones, US Department of Interior - Bureau of Land Management
— Pia Haugerud Wakefield , Red Hat
— Nicholas Pierre Perrin, US Department of Defense - Defense Intelligence Agency
— Pierre-François S. Gadpaille, Asian Development Bank
— Prakash Achuthan, Nike
— Pranab Das, Sysnet
— Prasad V. Manam, Liberty Mutual Insurance
— Pratibha S, Unilever
— Pratibha K Kote, US Department of Agriculture
— Preaw Jasmine Vichailakana, A-TEK
— Preetam Sawant, PepsiCo
— Priscilla J. Luera, eGlobalTech
— Priti Desai, First American
— Qi Chen, Fannie Mae
— Quentin Kynoch, KPMG Australia
— Rachael C. Bird, Grant Thornton
— Rachael L. Weaver, Perspecta
— Veronica Torres, Technologent
— Rachel Lynn Hagensen, Apptio
— Rachel Lillycrop, Credit Suisse
— Rachel A. Crabtree, REI Systems
— Ra-Deon L. Sledge, NASA Glenn Research Center
— Rafael A. Mora, CDK Global
— Rafe Garet, AIG
— Raheleh Vafaei Saadi, Acuity
— Piruthiviraj(Raj) Sivaraj, Mastercard
— Raj Anil Dharmapal, Grant Thornton
— Nachiappan Nagarethnam Nachiappan, Veterans EZ Info
— Rajalakshmi Ganesan, Lowes
— Rajeev Rajan, Wipro Limited
— Rajesh J. Gajjar, AIG
— Rameshwar Balanagu, AVAYA
— Randy L McBeath, State Farm
— Randy West, LMI
— Ranya Sharp, George Washington University
— Raven Michelle Robinson, PBG Consulting
— Ravi Kumar R, Unilever
— Ravi Sony, Perspecta
— Rebecca L. Deyerle, ExxonMobil
— Rebecca Brown, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Rebekah Roots, Queensland Police Service
— Regal Patel, Apptio
— Regina Gascoigne, CSRA
— Reizhna I Mohammad, LMI
— Remco Komen, Odysseus
— Rene Bosshart, Credit Suisse
— René Rahn, Inditango
— Renee Hood, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Renga Krishnan, Aflac
— Rhonda Gantt, US Department of Agriculture
— Richard A. Goldberg, Discover Financial Services
— Richard A. Rasch, NOAA
— Richard Kang, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Richard J. Taylor, Enterprise Technical Assistance Services (ETAS)
— Richard Patterson, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Richard A. Wilhelm, Independent Consultant
— Richard Elliott, University of Auckland
— Richard G Eckoff, MetLife
— Rick A. Mattson, Aflac
— Patrick B. Rupertus, CFA Institute
— Ridhika Laiker Nayar, Freddie Mac
— Riley A Dicken, Progressive Insurance
— Robert Czernik, Independent Consultant
— Rob R. MacGregor, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Robert Anderson III, Apptio
— Robert William Stenton, Unilever
— Robert A Adams, Apptio
— Robert Viggiano, Apptio
— Robb Konkey, Apptio
— Robert R Lay, ANZ Banking Group
— Robert A. Horrigan, US Department of State
— Robert M. Virden, US Department of Energy - Sandia National Labortories
— Robert M. Klobuchar, Caterpillar
— Robert D. Kirk, Boeing
— Robert Stryjkowski, Credit Suisse
— Robert A. Blackburn, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Robert L. Stewart, University of Iowa Health Care
— Robert J. Binkley, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Robert P. Hackman, Mastercard
— Robert L Crawford, Northrop Grumman
— Robert P. Rimar, Pivotal Software
— Robert S Andrews, Sutter Health
— Robert F. Rourke, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Robert K. Lee, Criterion Systems
— Robert A Hyland, SAIC
— Robert Armand Cimorelli, US Marine Corp
— Robert Walton Williams, Deloitte
— Robert D. Krause, Perspecta
— Robin L. Barnes, US Navy
— Robin Renee Lake, TechOpps
— Roger A. Goss, Apptio
— Roger W. Seganish, Savan Group
— Rohan M Hammond, Synergy Group
— Rohan Tomer, Grant Thornton
— Roland Chan, US General Services Administration
— Rolf A. Oswald, Great-West Life Assurance
— Ronald Leder, s IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH
— Ronald C. Gressley, American Public University System
— Ronald Varsalone, AIG
— Ronnie E Thomas, Apptio
— Ronald Hucke, Aflac
— Rose T. King, US Department of Army
— Rose Mary Russo, Eagle One Solutions
— Roselette Borja Guedel, The Heico Companies
— Ross G. Borgida, CoBank
— Rossella Onorati, Sopra Steria Group
— Roxana J. Callejo Garcia, Fordham University
— Rubaiyat Kibria, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Rudy Mazariegos, US Department of the Army - Army Research Laboratory
— Rupal Nishar , Apptio
— Russell A. Harris, Esterline Technologies Corporation
— Russell Mueller, State of Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Russell Hugh Barron, University of Auckland
— Russell Comeaux, Aflac
— Ryan Dougherty, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Ryan P Moran, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Ryan M. McGuinness, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
— Ryan Hefter, Credit Suisse
— Ryan E. Woodward, US Department of Veterans Affairs
— Ryan W. Learmouth, MIL Corporation
— Ryan E Greene, Apptio
— Ryan J Paul, Apptio
— Sabiha Shabnam, UNICEF
— Sachin Bulgannawar, SBG Consulting
— Sally E. Mahoney, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Sally Norred, Apptio
— Sally Garski, Advocate Aurora Health Care
— Sam H Jaberi, CitizensBank
— Samantha J. A. Armstrong, Grant Thornton
— Samantha Ashley Rose, Queensland Public Safety Business Agency
— Sameer N Paralkar, Daugherty Business Solutions
— Samuel Addo Baidoo, US Department of Commerce
— Samuel S. Ireland, Deloitte
— Samuel Rogalsky, PwC
— Sandeep Subramanian, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Sandeep Thathamangalathillathu, Cognizant Technology Solutions
— Sandra J Daniels, Apptio
— Sandra Lynn McGill, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Sandra J Ohleger, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Sandya Vettivelu, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Sanjay Muthuraman, Emirates NBD
— Sanjeev Verma, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Saqib Mushtaq, PA Consulting
— Sara T. Moon, T. White Parker
— Sara N. LaPorta, MetaPhase Consulting
— Sarah Munoz, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Sarah L. Garske, US Library of Congress
— Sarah L. Nelms, Kinney Group
— Sarah Jackson-Butler, Brinks
— Sarah C. Tostanoski, Accenture
— Sarah Daniels-Lewis, New York Life
— Saravana Kumar Palaniswamy, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Sarit Schneider, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Sasha L Dunford, Nationwide Building Society
— Saskia Roukema, CN
— Sathish Kumar Muthukaruppan, Cognizant Technology Solutions
— Satu Nuutinen, Sofigate
— Saugaat Narula, The Heico Companies
— Sausaun Beladi, Deloitte
— Scot R. Stevens, UPMC
— Scott McNeal, Apptio
— Scott P. Beaudoin, Mastercard
— Scott M Erben, Cleveland Clinic
— Scott Michael Darin, Health Care Service Corporation
— Scott M. Shulman, Apptio
— G. Scott Dial, Aflac
— Scott Gengshu He, US Department of State
— Scott Rhule, EY
— Sean M. Gibson, AIG
— Sean M. Mclaughlin, Nutanix
— Sean Darrell, Trinity Industries
— Sean Messner, ASRC Federal
— Sean M. Twitchell, Eagle One Solutions
— Seb O'Cuilleanain, Insight Enterprises
— Sebrina L. Blake, US Department of Health and Human Services - Administration for Children and Families
— Serene Lim, SGX
— Serge Durand, Ubisoft
— Sergio Valladares, Pemex
— Seth Kahn, Apptio
— Seth C. Patterson, CoBank
— Shankar Kailasanathan, Standard Chartered
— Shannon L. Wittman, US Social Security Administration
— Shannon L. Lynch, Corning
— Shannon M. Holland, Chevo Consulting
— Shannon J Stokes, US Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration
— Sharon B. Westmark, US Department of State
— Shawn Ryan Gahr, Apptio
— Conrad Shawn Dombowsky, CoBank
— Shawn Elaine Hopson, US Department of State
— Shawn H. Greene, Deloitte
— Shea Silidker, KPMG
— Sheena N. Burrell, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
— Sheenal U. Patel, Fannie Mae
— Sheila L. Connally, Aflac
— Shelby Genevieve Ohyama, Apptio
— Shelton Smallwood, Novetta
— Sheri D. Leffel, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Sherrod D. Heyward, SAIC
— Sheryl R. Bowman, ExxonMobil
— Sheyla A. Blackman, ITMC Solutions, LLC
— Shirley A. Quinata, Planet Technologies
— Shiva R Sapkota, Australia Capital Territory (ACT) Shared Services
— Shivansh Goel, US Department of Homeland Security - Citizen and Immigration Services
— Shobha Bahuguna, Apptio
— Shonna Evans-Thompson, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Sid Wilson, Northrop Grumman
— Siddhartha Chandak, Unilever
— Signe L. McLaughlin, Apptio
— Simon P. Strickland, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Simone Scagliarini, Reply Consulting
— Slavcho Nikolovski, ExxonMobil
— Smita Rao, Symantec
— Sofia Angeles, WellStar Health System
— Sona. S, Lowes
— Sonal B. Patel, SAIC
— Sonja A. Kneissl-Park, Caesars Entertainment
— Sonya Karachunsky, ICF International
— Spencer Williams, US General Services Administration
— Srinivas Koneru, Harman International Industries
— Srinivas R Pothuganti, Mastercard
— Srinivasa Kumar Maddula, Unilever
— Stacey M. Shifflett, Freddie Mac
— Stacey R. S. Lemma, US Government Accountability Office
— Stacey Han, New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
— Stacy L. Heiman, Verint
— Stefan Jugel, IndiTango AG
— Stefan Eckert, Innogy
— Stefanie Lilly, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Stephanie D. Jones, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
— Stephanie Werren, ELLIX
— Stephanie L. Wiser, CoBank
— Stephanie O. Denham, Northrop Grumman
— Stephanie Q. Tran, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services
— Stephanie R. Green, KPMG
— Stephanie Redl, PBG Consulting
— Stephen Charles Zeronian-Dalley, Apptio
— Stephen Reed Hiser, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Stephen P Peck, SAIC
— Stephen V. Kolbe, Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Stephen Ward, University of Auckland
— Stephen Bowden, Charter Hall
— Stephen Stavros, US Department of Interior - Bureau of Land Management
— Steven J. Schmidt, Mastercard
— Steve D Mayfield, Accenture
— Steve J. Nakazawa, US Department of the Treasury
— Steve Heitmann, AIG
— Steve Snow, MDU Resources Group
— Steven M. Alsedek, US Army Corp of Engineers
— Stephen M. Vetter, Cisco Systems
— Jung S. Soh, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Stephen B. Clowse, Northrop Grumman
— Steven J. Ellis, Apptio
— Steven D Klaver, Apptio
— Steven J Wallace, AIG
— Steve Thomas, EY
— Steven M. Worley, US Library of Congress
— Steven A. Darragh, United States Postal Service
— Steven R. Bechtol, Rackspace
— Steven Cornish, Copper River Cyber Solutions
— Steven A Bennett, Keylogic Systems
— Steven G. Penansky, US Department of Treasury
— Steven Taylor Jester, SiloSmashers
— Steven C. Harris, Grant Thornton
— Shiteng Stone Zhou, CoBank
— Stu Hammer, Perspecta
— Stuart O. Shibaro, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service
— Subhajeet Mohapatra, Apptio
— Subhash Kari, REI Systems
— Sudipto Sircar, Catholic Relief Services
— Sue K. Collin, BRMi Consulting
— Sue Ann Lipinski, Advocate Solutions
— Suhail H. Naber, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Sukumar Rao, The Parnin Group
— Sulafa S. Webster, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Susan Elaine Gallagher, AIG
— Susan Dorenbosch, Prudential
— Susan K. Heldman, US Department of the Treasury - Bureau of the Fiscal Service
— Susan R Blauth, Church & Dwight Co.
— Susan M Altschuler, Acuity
— Susan Hallman, Eagle One Solutions
— Suzanne Chartol, Apptio
— Suzanne M. Mayfield, Corning
— Suzanne Judy, FHI
— Svein Selstø, Sopra Steria
— Swati Agarwal, Unilever
— Swee Hor Teh, County of Santa Clara
— Sydney E. Stronko, US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General
— Tahirah Z. Wheeler, NetImpact Strategies
— Taiwo A. Ojetayo, Kaiser Permanente
— Tam T. Tran, Intercontinental Hotels Group
— Tamara D. Elliott, US Department of Housing and Urban Development
— Tamara Heinze, DHL Global Forwarding GmbH
— Tamir Segal, AIG
— Tamires Novaes Mucedola, Itaú Unibanco
— Tamatha J. Hollingsworth, George Washington University
— Tamra A Pawloski, AIG
— Tara L. Marquis, CoBank
— Tara Danielle Dampf, State of Missouri
— Tarek Ghalwash, First American
— Tarkesswar Prakash Soodeehul, Kaiser Permanente
— Taryn N Kane, Apptio
— Tatyana Niglio, PBG Consulting
— Taylor B. Murray, US Department of State
— Terence William McBride, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Teresa T. Tran, US Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration
— Teresa Moon Hauck, Aflac
— Teresa W Brown, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Terese Tamaya Alexander, Grant Thornton
— Teresa W. Henry, Aflac
— Terry J. Brunenn, AIG
— Terry L. Nix, SAIC
— Terry Cardelle Maiden, Grant Thornton
— Terry L. Brewer, Leidos
— Terry L Burgin, US Army Corps of Engineers
— Terry G. Oakley, Apptio
— Thabiso Wright, EY
— Theresa A. Croce, SAIC
— Theresa Haverty, Credit Suisse
— Thomas F. Cerwonka, Corning
— Thomas J. Navaroli, Apptio
— Thomas C Wayson, US Department of the Interior
— Thomas Bognar, s IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH
— Thomas Deuser, ELLIX
— Tom Nietubyc, US Department of Defense
— Thomas O. Bookhart, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
— Thomas M. McDonald, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Thomas Aaron Nickle, Deloitte
— Thomas V. Scatamacchia, Grant Thornton
— Thomas, S-ITSolutions
— Thomas B. DeAngelis, Perspecta
— Thomas Edward Wisniewski, Apptio
— Thomas Heather, CN
— Thomas S. Donohue, Fidelity National Financial
— Thomas J Swedlund, TD Ameritrade
— Tiago Nascimento, Apptio
— Tiffany T. Holland, FedEx
— Timothy Patrick Dougherty, AIG
— Dwight Tim Goss, Rodan & Fields
— Tim K Michaels, Grant Thornton
— Tim Sönderskov, Advince Group AB
— Timothy J Porzio, Sodexo
— Timothy M. Bryant, The Vincit Group
— Timothy L. Shuey, Pennsylvania State University
— Timothy J. Ross, AIG
— Timothy J. Healy, Buchanan & Edwards
— Timothy Weicker, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Toby J Standridge, AIG
— Todd M. DeShetler, GameStop
— Todd S. Carolin, US Agency for International Development
— Todd W Medlin, AECOM
— Todd M. Byrd, Perspecta
— Tom E. Husman, AIG
— Thomas Gilmore, AIG
— Tom Bakewell, Apptio
— Thomas L. Burke, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
— Thomas R. Ward, US Agency for International Development
— Tom van der Zee, JDE coffee
— Tom Cossburn, Queensland Public Safety Business Agency
— Thomas E. McDonnell, Agile Rising
— Tomas Teichert, Apptio
— Antoinette L Boyd, Mastercard
— Tao Lu, US Department of Treasury
— Anthony R. Bone, Deltek
— Tonya J. Kahley, Advocate Solutions
— Trae Baker, Apptio
— Travis James Winn, US Office of Personnel Management
— Travis N. Wiseman, US Office of Personnel Management
— Tressa B. McClung, GM Financial
— Trine Nothlev, Apptio
— Trine Riis-Nielsen, ITM NNIT Consulting
— Triphelia Hunter, S&K Logistics
— Trishna Mitra, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Troy L. Wood, Apptio
— Troy A Pegg, Cobank
— Troy McGill, CoBank
— Tyler Joseph Rawlins, Catholic Health Initiatives
— Tyler S. Nicklyn, DRT Strategies
— Uloaku Ojiaku, Self
— Ulka A Wilson, ExxonMobil
— Uma Dama, AIG
— Ursala N. Perry, Aflac
— Uwe C. Hähnel, DHL Global Forwarding GmbH
— Val Ruark, REI Systems
— Valerie D. Alcindor, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Ruth Valerie Joseph, The George Washington University
— Vandana K. Bhandari, State of Maryland Department of Information Technology
— Vanessa Rini-Lopez, US Department of Commerce - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
— Vannida Tan, KPMG
— Varinder Chahal, NetImpact Strategies
— Vasile Gobjila, Apptio
— Vasily Sakharov, Standard Chartered
— Vaughn J. Lee, Blue Shield of California
— Veasna Chan Ker, AIG
— Venkata Kondapolu, US Health and Human Services - Administration for Children and Families
— Venkata Polineni, Network Security Systems Plus, Inc.
— M Veronica Trevino, US Department of Health and Human Services
— Vicki Walker McLemore, USAA
— Vickie B. Smith, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
— Victoria K. Guter, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN
— Viesturs G. Lenss, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
— Vikram Raj Kumar, Grant Thornton
— Vilho Järvinen, Sofigate Oy
— VINAY N, Lowes
— Vincent Bernard Roberts Jr, Booz Allen Hamilton
— Vinitha Jeevarathnam, eGlobalTech
— Vítor Pinheiro, Emirates NBD
— Volker K. Visser, ELLIX
— Wade C. Kingsley, US Department of the Treasury
— Wai Leng Soh, SGX
— WALTER G FERRER, Bank of America
— Walter E. Bigelow, Unisys
— Wanda B. Hall, US Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
— Wanda J DiPaolo, EQT Corporation
— Warren S. Krull, SAIC
— Warren B. Bowler, AIG
— Warren M. Anderson, Deloitte
— Warren Eric Grant, University of Auckland
— Wayne K. Driver, Peace Corps
— Wayne Lassanske, Mastercard
— Wayne E. Shuptrine, Unisys
— Wei Tang, Grant Thornton
— Wendy M. Bombardier, GameStop
— Wesley Eugene, Aflac
— Wesley J Lantrip, ConocoPhillips
— Wesley T. Cole, First Citizens Bank
— Weston Brooks, Vology
— Whitney R Schelat, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
— William Walker Morrison, US Department of Agriculture
— Robert W. Tarrant, US Department of Energy - Savannah River Operations Office
— Willard Williams, 9th Way Solutions
— William Wesley Hicks, SAIC
— William Zakowski, AIG
— William T Bonnett II, US Department of State
— William Cornell, AmerisourceBergen
— William M. Groah, Technica
— William M. Ellis, US Department of Energy
— William G. Lash, Chirality Capital Consulting
— William R Winstead, US Air Force
— William F. Chancellor, Apptio
— William Clark Maas, Grant Thornton
— Wilmer W. Hoopes IV, The George Washington University
— Wisam A. Karim, Deloitte
— Wyndham Boonzaier, ABSA
— Xavier Bignon, Grant Thornton
— Xiang Wang, Cisco Systems
— Xianne C. Peynado, NetImpact Strategies
— Xingcheng Hua, MassMutual
— Yame T Senye, Lynch Consultants
— Yancy E. Mattheis, AIG
— Yann Carver, KPMG
— Yelena Aleksandrovna Teterina, NetImpact Strategies
— Yogesh K Muthuswamy, UNISYS Corporation
— Yong Q. Tang, AOL
— Yukiko K. Corbett, Donaldson Company
— Zach M. Diener, Deloitte
— Zachary Specht, Deloitte
— Zachary Tyler Hess, Navy Federal Credit Union
— Zahid S. Chaudhry, US Department of Agriculture
— Zeshan Hasan Khan, Perspecta
— Zied Thabet, Deloitte
— Zoe E. Suciu, New South Wales (Australia) Roads & Maritime Services

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