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Q3 Standards Open Forum - Agile Financial Management & Continued Alignment with ServiceNow CSDM 

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Standards Open Forum : TBM alignment & integration with ServiceNow CSDM and Agile

The TBM Standards Committee maintains and governs the TBM Taxonomy as well as the extensions and other deliverables created by Strategy Communities. As part of our TBM standardization initiatives, the TBM Standards Committee hosts a quarterly Open Forum that encourages open dialogue and feedback on the topic presented. The July 2023 Standards Open Forum covered the following topics: 

•TBM & Agile Alignment: Learn about the analysis of potential synergies and opportunities between the intersecting disciplines of Technology Business Management (TBM), Agile, and Product Thinking. The talk will focus on the adoption guidance for using Agile tools and data to allocate labor costs, as well as capitalization of continuous investment.

•TBM & ServiceNow CSDM Integration: Learn about the analysis of synergies and opportunities between the intersecting models of TBM and ServiceNow Common Service Data Model (CSDM). You can expect to hear about the natural/organic processes and necessary elements to be aware of within the configuration management database (CMDB) to ensure the integration is maintained at an optimal level.

Thank you to our chair @Atticus Tysen for kicking us off and our speakers @John Wilson  + @Kelley Wendelborn (Agile Financial Management) and Matt Temple @Matt Temple

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07-27-2023 20:34

Hi Adam.

Our working group is exploring the Service Portfolio table (highlighted in the CSDM model as #1) with intent to register Solution Type (level 1) and Category (level 2) values in it.

Last year, we advised TBM practitioners to register standard TBM Solution Name (level 3) values into the appropriate Technical Service and Business Service tables based on TBM's classification of "Technical" and "Business" solutions. 

Further, we advised companies to add their services and products they are tracking into the Technical Service Offering and Business Service Offering tables...driven by which parent Service they roll-up into. For example, a "Business App Training" offering would be entered into the Technical Service Offering table because it's best associated with the "IT Training" TBM Solution Name (entered into the Technical Services table in the CMDB).

Minimally, I suggest populating your Technical/Business Service and Technical/Business Service Offering tables. When importing data into your TBM tool, you can roll-up the data/cost based on the Technical/Business Service since all values are unique in the standard TBM Solutions taxonomy.

Results of our current research and other details will be published in our whitepaper that will be shared at the TBM Conference and shortly afterwards via Community.

07-27-2023 17:46

@Matt Temple thank you for your insight on TBM/CSDM. Do you have a more explicit guide showing how the TBM taxonomy relates to the CSDM structure? 


  • Type (TBM) = Portfolio (CSDM)
  • Category (TBM) = Node (CSDM)
  • Name (TBM) = Service (CSDM)
  • Offering (TBM) = Offering (CSDM)


  • Platform (TBM = Type, CSDM = Portfolio)
  • Data (TBM = Categoryuy, CSDM = Node)
  • Database (TBM = Name, CSDM = Service)
  • Microsoft SQL (TBM = Offering, CSDM = Offering)

I'd love to adopt the TBM taxonomy as we're maturing CSDM, but I'm struggling to wrap my head around it without more specific examples.

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