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Nancy Bugajski

How to Earn Badges

  • Obtain engagement points by adding new contacts, starting/replying to discussions, completing your profile, etc.
    • TBM Citizen: 225 or more points
    • TBM Champion: 500 or more points
    • TBM Authority: 1000 or more points
    • TBM Royalty: 2000 or more points
  • TBM Council Award Finalist: Submit an award nomination for your company and be selected as a finalist
  • TBM Council Award Winner: You will receive this badge when your company wins a TBM Council Award
  • Strategy Community Member: Join a Strategy Community 
  • TBM Conference Attendee: Register and attend the  TBM Conference in the fall
  • I Tweet: Link your twitter account to your TBM Connect profile
  • I’m LinkedIn: Link your LinkedIn account to your TBM Connect profile
  • Certified TBM Executive: Take the TBM Executive Foundation Course and pass the certification exam to become a Certified TBM Executive (CTBME)